About WMBA 509 – Management of Information Technology

MBA Mission Statement

The Woodbury University’s Master of Business Administration degree is designed to prepare future leaders of organizations who communicate effectively, act ethically, and think globally in a strategic manner.

Alignment with MBA Program Goals

This course is designed to support the following program learning goals:

  1. Communication skills
  2. Ethical perspectives in professional decision-making
  3. Global awareness
  4. Leadership skills
  5. Integration of strategies
  6. Domain-specific knowledge and skills

In particular, we focus on the development of your communication and domain-specific skills.

Catalog Description

The role of information as a corporate resource, and its use in providing strategic advantage. Problems of aligning corporate IT and corporate goals, creating IT architectures and using IT to enable change in organization. The case study method is used. This course is appropriate for both users of systems and providers of system support

Course Learning Outcomes

This course examines IT in a managerial context.  We have the following outcomes.

  1. Be better at using managerial IT
    1. PowerPoint presentations
    2. Writing

i.     Plain Language

ii.     Plagiarism

iii.     Email

iv.     Websites

  1. Projects & Change

i.     Lewin Cycle

  1. Understand how to work with operational IT
    1. ERP

i.     Databases & SQL

ii.     Case (Cisco)

  1. CRM
  2. Internet

i.     Definition

ii.     Push marketing

iii.     Internet usability

  1. Appreciate the impact of strategic IT
    1. Open source
    2. Social content / pull marketing
    3. Freemium & Long Tail
    4. Scalable v. non-scalable businesses
    5. Digital pricing strategies
    6. Disruption of traditional businesses by IT

i.     3d Fabrication

ii.     Disintermediation

iii.     Craigslist & newspapers

  1. Platform businesses
  2. Know some of the recent IT business

i.     Venture Capital

ii.     Independent Game Development

iii.     Wikipedia

iv.     Piracy

v.     Hackers


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